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Who builds bassoons? What’s the price of a bassoon?

The most popular bassoon makers are Heckel, Püchner, Yamaha, Moosmann, Fox and Mönnig. The Heckel bassoon is considered the most famous, known for its rich sonorous tone, flexibility and great range. Heckel bassoons are also incredibly reliable and can last for decades, however, they are also expensive and hard to find. Other popular brands like Yamaha and Püchner are less expensive and easier to obtain. The cost of bassoons can vary greatly, ranging from €5,000 – €100,000 and rental options are also available.

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What’s a bassoon made of?

Bassoons are made from maple wood, typically from Europe. The wood is carefully selected and must be durable and able to be varnished and treated. The instrument is then varnished and stained, which can differ between instrument makers and lead to each instrument being unique. Bassoons have keys, which have been added over time, and are made of nickel silver, coated in sterling silver for durability and aesthetics.

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What is a bassoon?

The bassoon is a woodwind instrument, made from wood and belongs to the double-reed family. It is considered the lowest instrument in the woodwind family, able to play the lowest notes compared to other instruments like the flute, clarinet, saxophone, and oboe. The modern bassoon has its origins in the 17th century, where it was developed from the dulzian, a Renaissance wind instrument that also uses a double reed. Martin Hotteterre is credited with pioneering the development of the bassoon during this time period.

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